Date 11 Jun 2021
Location Accra
Job Type Full-time
Industry Manufacturing

Job Description

Our client, an international trade company is looking to hire a proactive HR Manager to help with their operations in Ghana.


The successful candidate will in accordance with the labor law requirements, participate in Human Resource policies management, position management, talent recruitment selection, training management, salary management, performance management and other aspects to manage and organize the implementation.


Human Resources Strategy

  • Participate in drafting the relevant Human Resource management policies of the branch company, and organize and arrange the implementation of policies training for employees

  • Assist HRBP to implement the Human Resources strategy of the branch company

  • Assist HRBP to carry out the HR programs

Recruitment Management

  • According to the department needs of employees, propose an internal personnel deployment plan (including internal transfer in and out), and after review, promote the optimal deployment of personnel

  • Improve the recruitment process and operation methods of each step, oversee primary interviews and elections, and do the coordination work among various departments, etc.

  • Periodically analyze the effectiveness of the recruitment results and the recruitment process, and output the recruitment effectiveness analysis report to HRBP

Training Management

  • Carry out, arrange and check the work of internal trainers, and review the handouts of training courses

  • Check and follow up the training organization, track and evaluate the training effect and report to HRBP

  • Assist all departments to develop training courses, and arrange and follow up on the training

Salary and compensation management

  • Offer advice to the salary management policies and the standard work of salary management

  • Accept relevant inquiries from employees and explain the company’s remuneration and welfare policies and calculation process

Performance Management

  • Participate in formulating the performance management system of each department.

  • Guide the implementation of performance appraisal of various departments and promote performance management work

  • Responsible for reviewing the collected and summarized performance evaluation files, and accepting performance complaints and feedback, summarize and analyse it and report to HRBP

Employee Relationship Management

  • Actively communicate with employees, conduct regular or irregular employee talks with HRBP/MD

  • Participate in the establishment of an employee feedback system, put forward rectification opinions and supervise improvements to the corresponding problem departments in response to the problems reported by employees daily, and report to HRBP

  • Participate in the formulation of file management norms and systems, guide the establishment of employee file management, and carry out regular updates, sorting and storage

Maintenance and communication of external relations

  • Assist HRBP to develop, establish and regularly maintain relevant external public relations according to the needs of the company and departments, such as the Labor Office, the Social Security Officer, the Health Office, etc.

  • Follow up, research and analyze the updated government new policies, programs and data etc. and report to HRBP

Team Management

  • Conduct department internal training for department members, such as new employee training, etc.

  • Supervise and evaluate the monthly performance of the supervisors and officers of the team

  • Communicate with team members regularly to understand their work/life status


Other work tasks arranged by the leader

Required Skills or Experience

Key Qualities

Ability: Kindness, leadership, motivation, learning, planning, organization and personnel, tutoring, etc.

Personality: Responsibility, fairness, meticulousness, strong sense of confidentiality, integrity, active thinking, high sensitivity, etc.


  • Bachelor degree or above in management/psychology/sociology

  • 8 years working experience in HR and 3 years’ related job experience.


  • Must be Proficient in Management, Ghana related documents and Human Resource Management

  • Must be familiar with Behavioral psychology and sociology

  • Must have an understanding in Statistics, Public Service Management and Enterprise Management

  • Ability to work independently.

  • Outstanding Oral and writing skills

  • Must have superior communication and coordination skills

  • Must have a good report skill

  • Superior Microsoft office skills

  • Must possess Work Planning Skills

  • An analytical mind with problem-solving skills

How To Apply


Please note, employers receive numerous applications per posting and will only shortlist the most qualified candidates. Also is not involved in any decision made by an employer/recruiter and therefore does not guarantee that applications sent
will result in a candidate being shortlisted/selected for that position.
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