Vacancy: Head Teacher

Date 07 Jun 2019
Company HPW F&D Fairtrade Premium Montessori
Location Adeiso
Job Type Full-time
Industry Education

Job Description

  • Ensure registration of new entrance 

  • Involved in supervision of teaching and learning 

  • Enforce discipline amongst teacher and pupils

  • Look for the current curricular material for the school

  • Implement curricula 

  • Vetting of teachers’ lesson notes

  • Establish strong PTA for the school

  • Organize open day for the school

  • Protecting and maintaining 

  • Monitor the supply and distribution of teaching and learning materials

  • Liaise with the circuit supervisors and other officers on all matters concerning basic school

  • Ensure increase in enrollment and staffing

  • Collate reports to the fairtrade premium committee and the district education office

  • Ensure the implementation of all policies on both public and private pre-school education

  • Liaise between the community other school and the school

  • Running of the school’s administration

  • Respect the culture of the larger community within which the community is located

  • Protect and maintain the culture of the school

Required Skills or Experience

  • Has a minimum of 5 years teaching experience or related work experience 

  • Computer literate 

  • Proficient MS office including Excel, word power point 

  • Bachelor of education degree

How To Apply


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