Date 11 Dec 2023
Location Mampong -Akuapem
Job Type Full-time
Industry Medical Services

Job Description

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Provide quality pharmaceutical care to clients in the health facility in accordance with the Standards of Pharmaceutical Care and accompanying Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Guidelines for Pharmaceutical Services.

  • Provide medicines information, advice and counseling services to other health staff and patients/clients to enhance therapeutic outcomes.

  • Serve as Manager of a Pharmacy in a Clinical Department.

  • Ensure the safe and secure storage and handling of medicines in the hospital.

  • Serve as an active member of the hospital quality assurance team as appropriate.

  • Promote the activities of Drugs and Therapeutic Committee (DTC) and Rational Use of Medicines (RUM) in the hospital.

  • Ensure that good quality, safe, efficacious and affordable pharmaceutical products and devices are supplied to patients/clients.

  • Ensure the effective and efficient management of the Revolving Drugs Funds of the hospital.

  • Ensure the efficient collection, storage, processing and utilization of data in pharmacy to inform management and clinical care decisions.

  • Contribute actively to the development of hospital policies and guidelines and ensure compliance to them.

  • Undertake central intravenous addictive services in accordance with the level of care in the hospital.

Required Skills or Experience

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Ability to work, lead and manage a multi-disciplinary team

  • Ability to organise workload, work under pressure to meet tight deadlines

  • Computer skills 

  • Excellent problem-solving skills.

How To Apply

  • Send your CV and Certifcates


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