Vacancy: Call for Consultancy Services - Provision of Technical Support in the implementation of programme

Date 21 Apr 2024
Location Accra
Job Type Full-time

Company Profile

Ghana Federation of Disability Organisations (GFD) represents about 3 million persons with disabilities in Ghana. It is a civil society organisation which brings together organisations of persons with disabilities in Ghana. GFD champions engagements towards assuring the rights of persons with disabilities to access education, employment, health, economic welfare, recreation, the built environment, justice, information, and governance. GFD works with its partners to advocate a legislative regime sensitive to all persons with disabilities in Ghana.

Job Description

Young Africa Innovates (YAI) Programme in Ghana


Provision of Technical Support in the implementation of programme


Organizational Background

The Ghana Federation of Persons with Disability (GFD) is a key implementing partner of an ongoing Young Africa Innovates (YAI) program in Ghana. As a partner, the GFD plays a crucial role in the development and implementation of the program, particularly in supporting and empowering young people with disabilities to become successful entrepreneurs and innovators in Ghana.

The Young African Innovates programme is a collaborative initiative to foster innovation and entrepreneurship among young people across Africa. The project seeks to identify, support, and showcase innovative solutions to pressing societal challenges, while also providing mentorship and resources to empower young African innovators.


The program's overall goal is to promote youth innovation and entrepreneurship, create job opportunities, and foster economic growth in Ghana. It seeks to empower young people with the necessary skills, knowledge, and resources to start and scale their businesses. Specifically, the disability component of the programme aims at:

  • Increase awareness and participation of persons with disabilities in the Young Africa Innovates project

  • Provide technical input and expertise to ensure the inclusiveness and accessibility of disability-related solutions developed within the project

  • Facilitate Mentorship for the Development of Entrepreneurial Skills among Youthful Persons with Disabilities

  • Support the monitoring and evaluation efforts to assess the impact of disability-related solutions developed within the project.

Key expected results of the project are:

  • A significant increase in awareness about and participation in the Young Africa Innovates program among young persons with disabilities in Ghana.

  • Disability-related solutions developed within the YAI project are designed and implemented with inclusiveness in mind, addressing the specific challenges faced by persons with disabilities in the tech sector.

  • Young persons with disabilities participating in the YAI program develop and enhance their entrepreneurial skills, gaining knowledge, guidance, and practical expertise in the tech sector.

  • The monitoring and evaluation efforts provide valuable insights and data on the outcomes, effectiveness, and challenges of disability-related solutions, contributing to continuous improvement and better addressing the needs of persons with disabilities in the tech sector.

Scope of Work

GFD is seeking to hire consultants to provide technical support and work with Volunteers and sub-grantees on the Young Africa Innovates Project.

Expected Deliverables

  1. Provide technical support towards the effective implementation of the project in the specific areas outlines below:

  2. Use OPDs and external platforms to raise awareness about the YAI project among persons with disabilities.

  3. Supervise Volunteers to:

    • Search and scout for innovators with impactful solutions.

    • Take particulars of innovators including; type of impairment, contact details

    • Produce a report on the scouting process.

  4. Act as a point of contact for support: equip the Volunteers with the necessary support to offer guidance, advice, and a listening ear to help youth navigate challenges and make informed decisions.

  5. Quality Assurance: Consultants will play a role in ensuring the quality and integrity of the program by providing feedback, conducting program evaluations, and recommending adjustments as needed, as well as helping to maintain alignment with best practices and industry standards.

  6. Coordinate and facilitate the application process for interested and qualified (age-wise) persons with disabilities, ensuring equal access and inclusivity.

  7. Troubleshoot to identify and address any challenges or barriers associated with the application process for persons with disabilities.

  8. Provide guidance and recommendations to promote an inclusive and accessible process throughout the project.

  9. Provide ongoing support and foster a supportive environment for mentees through peer networking and collaboration.

  10. Assist in monitoring evaluation, and assessment of the impact of disability-related solutions on persons with disabilities in the tech sector.

  11. Contribute to the project reporting process by providing data, information, and case studies that highlight the progress and achievements of the project.

  12. Implement safeguarding policies and procedures within the project to prevent and address any forms of discrimination, harassment, or abuse.

Collaboration with Subgrantees:

The Consultants will collaborate with other implementing partners as would be recommended by GFD.

Responsibilities and Management Arrangements:

The GFD programme Manager will oversee the implementation of the assignment.

Time :

The assignment covers 4 month period.

Required Skills or Experience

  1. Proven experience in raising awareness on issues affecting persons with disabilities.

  2. Preferably familiar with the national and international legislations regarding employment for persons with disabilities.

  3. Expertise in participatory approach in scouting for young innovates with disabilities.

  4. Proven ability to coordinate well and smoothly with contracting agencies and relevant stakeholders.

  5. Knowledge about the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD), the Ghana Labour Act 651, 2003

  6. Strong knowledge of policy analysis.

  7. Strong administrative and supervisory experience within an organisation of persons with disabilities.

  8. Strong commitment to deliver high-quality output that is suited to the needs of persons with disabilities in making society inclusive.

How To Apply


The budget for the assignment will be managed by the Ghana Federation of Disability Organisations (GFD).

Payment schedule

The consultant should submit the total budget with a detailed breakdown including applicable government taxes.

Points of contact

The primary point of contact for this contract is the Procurement officer, Gabriel Narh Tetteh; [email protected]

Local consultants can apply for this assignment.  Expression of Interest, CV, and Quotation should be sent to [email protected] and CC: [email protected]

Closing Date

By the close of business on 22nd April 2024


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will result in a candidate being shortlisted/selected for that position.
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