Vacancy: Call for CSO Grant Applications

Date 21 Apr 2024
Location Ghana
Job Type Short-term

Company Profile

The West Africa Network for Peacebuilding, Ghana (WANEP-Ghana) is a non-profit making peacebuilding Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). It is a civil society institution meant to prevent, resolve, and transform violent conflicts through collective and coordinated efforts of NGOs, local and national state institutions as well as individuals actively engaged in peacebuilding practice in Ghana in order to avoid the duplication of efforts and maximize resources for more effective responses to conflict situations. The organization seeks to facilitate the creation of a sustainable culture of non-violence, justice, peace and social reconciliation in Ghanaian communities.


Job Description

Call for Application 

Program: Election Monitoring, Analysis and Management (E-MAM 2023-2026) in West Africa



The West Africa Network for Peacebuilding (WANEP) is currently implementing an European Union funded project titled ‘’Election Monitoring, Analysis and Management (E-MAM 2023-2026)’’ in eleven West Africa countries comprising Togo, Guinea Bissau, Guinea, Gambia, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Niger, Mali and Liberia. The project is designed with the objectives to contribute to the reduction of electoral violence in West Africa through the strengthening-mobilization of regional and national capacities required for the prevention or mitigation of political violence in democracy. It will also coordinate civil society organization’s support for national electoral dispute management processes in these countries.  WANEP believes that if local capacities are developed and harnessed for timely election violence monitoring, analyses and reporting, there will be proactive and timely response to the identified threats capable of escalating electoral violence and destabilizing political transitions. The project will impact and improve on the operational capacities of CSOs, states and inter-governmental organizations for peaceful conduct of elections in the targeted countries. 


WANEP is therefore seeking to support efforts of qualified CSOs in these countries that align to five action areas that guide the achievement of the project goal to prevent or mitigate election violence in targeted countries.  


Priority Action Areas

All proposed projects must align with at least one of the following project action areas: 

  • Strengthening the capacity of civil society organisations to promote greater involvement in designing or implementing appropriate crisis awareness, prevention and preparedness measures and appropriate communication channels with security forces.

  • Support for civil society initiatives aiming to increase the involvement and the contribution of women in preventing and resolving election-related violence.

  • Awareness and educational campaigns encouraging peaceful participation in the election processes, dissemination of messages of non-violence, with special emphasis on the role of youth involvement in preventing electoral violence by all means.

  • Promoting the role of informed independent media (including social media) in preventing and mitigating risks of political and electoral violence due to misleading information or fake news (specialized training, promotion of codes of conduct, etc.).

  • Promoting initiatives for national and/or local mediation and dialogue (high-risk areas): discussion platforms, round tables or other inclusive processes.

Available Grant

The maximum amount per grant is Euros 60,000. After the selection and the planned training for qualified NGOs, the process to access the grants will be explained. 

Required Skills or Experience

Organizations eligible to apply for the grant

Within the context of this call the eligible recipients who are encouraged to apply are CSO Coalition members including: 

  • Local non-governmental, community and not for profit organizations and

  • Coalitions and Networks focusing on democracy, governance, peace and security;

How To Apply

Application procedure:


Step 1: 

Interested organizations are encouraged to fill the WANEP Organizational Capacity Assessment sheet. The completed form should be submitted to [email protected] with a mandatory copy to [email protected] for the initial selection assessment,


The deadline to submit the assessment is 3rd May 2024


2nd step:

The ten (10) shortlisted candidates at step 1 will be invited to represent the CSO Coalition and participate in the EMAM platform, the training on E-MAM and then to implement projects, action plans and budgets on priority areas for review and approval.


Only applicants who have rigorously used the WANEP Organizational Capacity Assessment Sheet will be considered. WANEP and its partners will review all submitted response actions for approval.


For more information, write to [email protected]  before the deadline for submitting applications.


Please note, employers receive numerous applications per posting and will only shortlist the most qualified candidates. Also is not involved in any decision made by an employer/recruiter and therefore does not guarantee that applications sent
will result in a candidate being shortlisted/selected for that position.
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