Vacancy: Graduates Recruitment at Ghana Statistical Service (August, 2019 Recommended Jobs)

Date 22 Aug 2019
Company Ghana Statistical Service
Location Ghana
Job Type Full-Time
Industry Public Sector
Region Ghana
Ghana shall be organising its decennial Population and Housing Census (PHC) in the year 2020. which is the most extensive field operation in its national data collection effort. The primary goal of the PHC is to count each person in the geographical space of Ghana. By so doing, every person’s characteristics would feed into the development planning process hence no one is left behind. This means that substantial effort is needed to ensure that the wide-ranging activities of the census are well-coordinated, quality-assured, timely implemented and dispensed in an inclusive manner to involve the cooperation of all stakeholders, including public institutions at all levels, private sector operatives, community leaders, households and individuals in all regions and districts. Among the key actors in ensuring a successful conduct of the 2020 PHC is the District Census Officer (DCO). Within the organisational structure of the 2020 PHC, the DCO reports directly to the Regional Statistician and works collaboratively with the Zonal Senior Field Operations Officer, the District Data Monitor and the District IT Officer to achieve effective coordination of the District Census activities. The DCO will be a member of both the four-member District Census Technical Team and the District Census Implementation Committee (DCIC). The DCO will convene the meetings of the District Technical Team and serve as Secretary to the DCIC, which shall be chaired by the District Coordinating Director.
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