Vacancy: Deputy Manager, Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Date 26 Jun 2020
Job Type Full-time

Job Description

  • Job Type: Regional

  • Number of Vacancies: One (1)                               

  • Location: Accra

  • Reports to: General Counsel


Regulatory and Compliance Management 

  • Regulatory Stakeholder Engagement

  • Provide strategic legal guidance to the leadership team in engaging with regulatory stakeholders

  • Be the organization’s Lead advocate at hearings before relevant regulatory bodies

  • Championing the organization’s interest or position at various fora to safeguard Company’s interest

  • Lead technical discussions on legal regulatory matters with relevant regulatory bodies

  • Determine the necessity for and advise on the engagement of a third party expert to provide support/advice on a regulatory matter in question

Internal Compliance Framework

  • Support the GC to manage the Company’s internal compliance program incorporating a system of policies, procedures andtools to enhance compliance and help prevent and detect infractions.

  • Coordinate the review of internal policies and procedures to ensure ongoing compliance with changes in law and regulations

  • Coordinate with designated Divisional compliance liaisons to confirm status of compliance with relevant legal regulatory requirements

  • Develop regulatory compliance training manuals and facilitate periodic training sessions to raise  regulatory compliance awareness levels for staff and third party contractors

  • Develop and review Company’s compliance manual and/or code of conduct to guide corporate conduct and business operations

  • Liaise with Internal Audit team to monitor and review compliance programs to assure effective operation of internal controls, policies and procedures

  • Oversee the administration and maintenance of the organization’s Legal and Regulatory Compliance Register to assure overall corporate compliance

  • Conduct periodic report and assessment of existing internal compliance programs vis a vis new risks identified, changing business environment, emerging trends, international best practices and recommend appropriate revisions thereto

  • Provide support to corporate, divisions/departments in the development of departmental internal controls to facilitate identification and mitigation of compliance risks

  • Administer the Company’s conflict of interest program to assure proper stewardship, integrity and objectivity in all decision- making processes

  • Coordinate the preparation/updating of Company’s Annual Business Assurance Statements by the Senior Management Team

  • Supervise the administration of the corporate Annual Business Assurance Program to provide written assurance onBusiness and internal controls to Shareholders

  • Endorse materials or manuals used for compliance training and orientation sessions

  • Oversee the state of Company’s compliance program and provide management and Board/Board Audit Committee with periodic reports on the status of internal compliance, compliance measures, trends and developments

  • External Regulatory Compliance Framework

  • Design and provide strategic legal direction for an efficient and effective legal regulatory compliance program

  • Provide legal guidance to corporate Divisions/Departments in the development of departmental internal controls

  • Be a change agent for aligning existing regulatory compliance framework with international best practices

  • Oversee the institution and operation of corporate whistle-blowing mechanism to detect and address possible regulatory violations

  • Provide strategic legal direction in managing fallouts of compliance violations including the conduct of internal investigations andother consequence management processes

  • Align existing regulatory compliance framework with changing business environment, emerging trends and international best practices 

Ethics and Integrity Management 

Ethics and Integrity Framework

  • Serve as the Division’s focal person for addressing actions arising from audit assurance and risk assessments

  • Coordinate and/or facilitate periodic training on corporate ethics to deepen employees’ understanding of the moral dimensions and

  • implications of business situations and raise corporate ABC and ethics/integrity awareness levels

  • Develop and/or review policies and procedures in force in the organization to ensure they reflect the corporate ethical standards

  • Champion activities and systems that promote inculcate a strong culture of integrity in the workplace

  • Liaise with HR team to develop and administer a system of rewards and consequence management to positively influence adherence` to ethical values

  • Conduct post incident reviews to identify and implement opportunities for continuous improvement of ethics management processes

Anti-bribery and corruption (ABC)

  • Evaluate and identify particular areas of anti-bribery and corruption (ABC) risks that the Company may be vulnerable to and recommend/review appropriate control mechanism(s) to address same

  • Conduct detailed risk assessment, develop divisional risk assessment plan and provide guidance on the use of Risk ManagementFramework.

  • Provide legal counsel and guidance to relevant in house clients on Anti-Bribery and Corruption matters and applying a risk based approach in the discharge of their functions

  • Provide legal guidance/representation in managing fallouts of ABC policy breaches to mitigate potential corporate/individual liability

  • Develop/review ABC policies/code of conduct and processes to guide corporate behavior, positively influence adherence to ethical values and monitor compliance

  • Develop ABC training manuals and facilitate training sessions to raise corporate ABC awareness levels.

  • Evaluate or assess the effectiveness of risk management implementation strategies

Corporate Governance (Principles and Structure)

  • Draft resolutions to be tabled before Board/Shareholders to ensure alignment with Company Bye-Laws/Shareholder Agreement

  • Coordinate the preparation of governance and ethics learning material for periodic Board trainings

  • Advise Staff/Management on aligning corporate actions with prevailing governance structure and principles

  • Coordinate the completion and transmission of requisite statutory forms, records and filings with relevant agencies in Bermuda and across the 4 WAGP States

  • Develop and/or review compliance processes and structures that feed into the corporate compliance framework

  • Monitor adherence to compliance processes and structures and generate appropriate reports thereon

  • Advocate Company’s position in technical discussions on corporate governance issues with relevant government agencies/bodies and the Regulator as appropriate

  • Draft and review key corporate documents and records

  • Analyze corporate governance framework and diagnose governance risk issues

Gas Transportation Business (Tariff Regime) 

  • Demonstrate reasonable understanding of natural gas pipeline systems and principles underpinning pipeline transportation tariff regimes

  •  Draft agreements to reflect revisions agreed upon during the tariff development/tariff review process, relevant correspondence etc. to safeguard company’s interest

  •  Coordinate with CBD to engage key stakeholders in the tariff development process

  • Guide the commercial Team in distilling and applying the tariff methodology principles underpinning tariff determination as contained in relevant governing documents

  •  Liaise with CBD to gather relevant legal date to support the tariff development/tariff review process

General Legal Advisory/Consulting 

Interdisciplinary Knowledge

  • Demonstrate widespread understanding of the core business of the company and reasonable appreciation of the operations and activities of the various in-house clients

  • Ability to harness knowledge of other fields to provide sound and practical legal counsel to in-house clients

  • Keep abreast with legislative and regulatory changes, case law and emerging issues affecting the core business of the company to inform internal policy reforms and make recommendations accordingly.

  • Provide counsel to various divisions on the import and application of relevant laws, regulations, etc.

  • Provide legal counsel and guidance to shape policies/processes/procedures for in-house clients

Legal Risk Management

  • Review and recommend appropriate mitigation/control measures relative to legal risks identified

  • Evaluate legal exposure and potential liability issues and take appropriate action to mitigate exposure

  • Develop controls framework to manage legal risks, review and propose measures to enhance suitability of existing legal risks control framework

  • Provide guidance and counsel to non-legal colleagues on applying a risk based approach in the discharge of their functions 

Dispute Resolution and Crisis Management 

Investigation Support

  • Review the facts and documentation relevant to an issue at hand and endorse the need for initiating internal investigations

  • Develop terms of reference for investigating moderately complex to high impact/sensitive matters

  • Provide legal support and guidance for investigations; develop terms of reference for investigating moderately complex matters

  • Following the outcome of investigations, determine whether or not self-reporting/ notification to relevant regulatory Agency/Body is required and recommend the appropriate actions

  • Provide oversight / serve as an investigation team member to assure attorney-client privilege and provide legal guidance to investigation team to ensure that key legal principles of neutrality, confidentiality, principles of natural justice, etc. are respected; following the outcome of investigations, review and endorse the need to self-report/notify relevant regulatory Agency/Body and advise company on appropriate actions

  • Recommend appropriate legal actions to be taken following the outcome of an internal investigation into moderately complex matters

Crisis Management

  • Review risk assessment and advise on mitigation measures to address the fall-outs portended by a crisis, negative press coverage, possible regulatory action, criminal investigation, civil lawsuitsProvide legal input in developing of Crisis Management Plan

  • Develop protocols to-

    • manage confidential or privileged documents/information in crisis situations

    • preserve relevant records

    • ensure preservation of legal privilege

  • Participate and provide legal counsel in the conduct of post crisis management audit/reviews

  • Review corporate compliance program to best position the company to successfully navigate, even prevent, crisis situations



  • Effective development and administration of comprehensive systems and processes for compelling adherence to external legal regulatory requirements and internal policies and governance framework.

  • The effective engagement of regulatory bodies to ensure effective navigation of a complex regulatory landscape and influence attitudes, decisions and actions to mitigate regulatory risks.

  • Identify and advise on legal risk and liability issues; develop alternatives for managing legal risks; recommend appropriate controls to mitigate legal risk.

  • Apply commercial judgment in providing legal advice; draft, review and interpret contracts in line with applicable law and contracting policy; identify legal implications and challenge contracts accordingly;

  • Assess the dynamics of interests and needs of negotiating parties; support to resolve conflict and reach mutually acceptable and legally sound solutions; draft documents to reflect negotiated position.

Required Skills or Experience

  • Bachelor of Laws and Professional Law Certificate; with minimum 10 years + post call experience. A supervisory or managerial experience preferred.

  • Reasonable experience in both civil and criminal legal practice

  • Reasonable experience in corporate risk and compliance management

  • Professional certification in risk and/or compliance management will be an advantage

  • Experience in Oil and Gas industry will be an advantage

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